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  All I ever wanted was to be a mother. I was so excited when my little baby boy, Troy, was born. I noticed that as he grew, he wasn’t progressing like the other children I saw. He wasn’t cooing or babbling, he wouldn’t point, make eye contact, or laugh. I noticed he would do the same thing over and over again. He was aggressive towards other children and wasn’t speaking. He didn’t walk until he was 17 months old. I was so sad, scared, and worried. I didn’t know what to do. Our pediatrician suggested an autism school that consisted of constant brain stimulation. We took him to the center and he was evaluated and started an individualized program when he was 20 months old. When we walked in the center they asked me, “What do you want him to accomplish?” I responded that I hoped he would be able to talk. They confidently said, “We are going to have him talking so much it’s going to drive you crazy.” That was something I wanted so bad but didn’t think it would ever be a reality. With just 9 months of constant brain stimulation he “graduated” from this amazing program. This year, he will start kindergarten in a regular classroom. Just the other day, my husband said, “If Troy doesn’t stop talking about golf, I’m going to go crazy!” We both hoped this day would come!! He does talk my ear off and that never gets old because I am so grateful for it. I know this program works. I’ve seen it! Wanting to provide the same hope, we have brought this program to Utah.– Whitney (Troy's mom) 

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Our staff is highly trained and certified. Our director (Anika) has three post-graduate degrees including a Master's degree in Autism.  

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We provide intensive one-on-one ABA therapy and get significant results. We cater the individualized program based on the child's strengths and needs.

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Best autism Therapy Best ABA Therapy

 We believe Verbal Behavior is key when working with individuals with autism or developmental delays. Our curriculum is a verbal based curriculum, which assesses verbal milestones and social skills. Our curriculum is individualized, one-on-one instruction, and constant brain stimulation, used to teach age-appropriate skills in regards to socialization, functional language, and life skills. We also provide food interventions and toilet training.   

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