Speech and Language Acquisition

Our speech therapists work miracles 

Behavior Reduction Plans

 Yelling, fighting, anxiety?  We can help.

Social Skills

We use ABA and other techniques to teach important social skills 

Behavioral Intervention

We train children how to deal with behavioral challenges 

Food Interventions

We have fun ways to help your picky eater 

Toilet Training

We make it fun and easy 

Life Skills

We help children learn how to be more independent.

Ongoing Assessments

We will continue to make assessments and modify plans according to your child's needs.

One-on-One Services

One-on-one services provided by highly trained staff  

Guidance After Diagnosis

Guidance once you have received a diagnosis.  A diagnosis is not required to receive services. 

Help Your Child

We provide a safe place where your child can have fun being themselves.